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Flickr (student work)

Fifth critique for Progressive Variables—(two sizes (any)/two weights (any)—Show me your 2 printouts by 10:00 am!


Yonderboi—Sustainable Development—an example of kinetic typography

"Practice safe design, always use a concept."

Pages from the book. (click on cover image to read pages from the book—scroll to Nothing Is Original & Start Copying)

NEW Assignment: Point/Counterpoint—exploring the concept of text & image integration!

Examples for Point-Counterpoint (good & bad examples of text + image integration)

Final Critique INTERNATIONAL FAIR POSTER International Fair Poster Contest (content, size, resolution, accuracy & especially CONCEPT)

New Project—Typeface Poster New Project—Typeface Poster

—for your perusal . . . Contests Winners From Previous Classes

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce logo LOGO CONTEST
—Cole Tran
Arts Association Logo Criteria
my summarized criteria
Tivoli Poster Contest
International Fair Poster Competition—Lauren Reynoso
Jewish Food Festival Poster Contest Press Release—Tatiana Montoya
International Fair Poster Competition—Antonio Avilla

Amanda Umphrey Wins Jewish Food Festival Poster

my entry into t-shirt contest at palomar


—Do PV#6 and have it ready by 10:00 am next week for critique.  You may not add a dot as a 'wildcard' element.

—Submit International Fair Poster entry (both sizes) by March 06 @ 5:00 pm. Be sure and CC me (jmiller@csusm.edu) on the email.

—Work on Typeface Poster!