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graphic design-universal principles from John McWade (

graphic design-universal principles from John McWade

Seventh critique for Progressive Variables—Show me your 2 printouts by 10:00 am!
(two sizes/two weights + rules, bars, and reversals)

Use your Resources—


Progressive Variable Notes

• no printing from JPGS (we want a clean, crisp print)
• use a clipping mask for even, clean bleeds
• name, weights, and sizes on document
• no use of italics
• no tonal changes

Showing: International Fair Poster!
Look at International Fair Poster Contest submissions. One of these has already been selected as the winner!

From Danielle—

We encourage you to attend the International Coffee Hour this Thursday March 17 during University Hour in our office. We plan to announce the Winner at 12:40

InDesign Demo—the basics + tables for Calendar Grid assignment

Imagine designing a poster for THIS EVENT

examples from Obama and the DNC


Assignment: Quote Interpretation >>>>> Interpret a poem, speech, prayer, inspirational quote, etc. in some
interesting way, taking into account the content of the message when designing its form. Make font choices apprtoprite to the message!

quote interpretaions specs:


NEW Project


  1. Read the three sections on Grids in this article: single-column, multi-column and modular. (click on each to reveal)
  2. If you haven't already begun to collect type samples in your everyday environment, please begin to do so now! Be on the lookout for things beautiful that catch your eye—things you think are cool enough to emulate, and things that are obvious type crimes. Take photos or scan them in. You will need good examples for the Final Project.