Dave Anthony implications for actual war!
Call of Duty producer hired to predict future warfare.
Why not, look what Star Trek did.

Chip Kidd (designed cover for Jurrasic Park) — Ted Talk about book cover design.

(parody defence)


glitch art! (surrealism)
http://www.posterpage.ch (various art poster exhibitions)
StrokingText (& other tips on typography)
RankingProgression.pdf (hierarchy and grid)
Quick Design Checklist (basics of page layout)


Personal Logo—BTW, use your logo in all subsequent classwork!


PORTRAIT SITES—start thinking about Final Project - Vector Self-Portrait with Personal Logo, QR Code and logo pattern fills!
20 vector portraits (good)
vector portrait of jayZ (good)
bob hope (Shepard Fairey style has been widely emulated. What was once new has become a kind
of standard.)


Assigned—Rolling Mesh with Rays/Bubbles (hills); scroll down to find it. Read instructions and look at examples to illustrate a landscape, with Teletubby Hills, Sheppard Fairey rays, and floating bubbles. Lighting Effects and Opacity Masks (rays)—tutorial
http://btotheeth.blogspot.com/ sample student work
random Internet example

Homework: Read the article "The Billion Dollar Game Designer Who Became a Future War Theorist." [article]