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orientation/class description


GPS Dots—attach to USB drive so you will never lose it!

Font Fight—video

Font Conference—video

Cooking It Up! magazine article https://issuu.com/ediblesandiego/docs/esd__22_fall_2013_final/25?e=0

Design Careers in the Army: http://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/browse-career-and-job-categories/arts-and-media/multimedia-illustrator.html

Nice Page Layout http://www.behance.net/gallery/Realistic-FlyerCard-Mock-Ups-Vol1/10838937

Design Firm with graphic appeal http://bergerfohr.com


http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/02/25/breathtaking-typographic-posters/ (text dominant page layout)
(text dominant page layout)

http://www.artofthetitle.com/ (opening movie title sequences)+panic room,
james bond, man w golden arm, etc
. (stunning use of typography in an opening title sequence)

Begin to think about shape and text being interchangeable.
type as shape and pictorial element (short films made with type)
Exploration>Typographic Films

Difference between graphic design and fine art (intent)
What is Graphic Design?

Thinking With Type —This is the textbook for the class!

Type Samples

Beginning now and throughout the semester you will collect samples of typography, 'found letters' if you will; bits of type and text ephemera, both printed and electronic files, that you gather as examples of inspiration and sources of emulation. You may sketch, photograph, cut items from magazines, find scraps of paper on the street, or cut out bits of packaging. All designs are derivative of something that came before; every great new design is a fresh combination. This project will help you to look at type in an historical perspective, as type has evolved over time,
designed to fulfill varying commercial concerns and influenced by changing cultural eras. (i.e. Garamond)

Prospect from 'tearsheets,' junk mail, advertisements, photographs, packaging and industrial design, signage and archetecture, old books and manuals, even manuscripts. There are lots of resources besides the World Wide Web, but of course take screen shots and download images from the Interenet; shoot photos with your digital camera and use a scanner to digitize pertinent examples. (i.e. Gotham, the font of Barack Obama's presidential campaign which has become the defacto font of the Democratic National Party was based on letter forms found on a NYC bus terminal sign.)
I tend to collect things that are pre-digital, type that was set by hand and pasted up! Develop a library that you can reference and mine for good material not only for this class but for the extent of your design career. (article, Meggs, design process)

You may output as pure digital, hand constructed, or a synthesis of both. Ultimately, though, for your work to be seen and shared, even your hand constructed specimen book needs to be photographed/scanned and posted proudly on your site! However, nothing beats the tangibility of the real thing! You might construct your "original" by hand and keep it as a reference point from which to work.

Type Crimes

Beginning now and throughout the semester, be on the lookout for type crimes! Crimes of font misuse and grammatical abuse will not go unnoticed. Photograph and/or scan to a file so you can upload; keep them in their own place on your site. Here's a list of type crimes off the top of my head. As you read through the text, you will discover more.

First Rule of Thumb in this class: No stroking of text and no drop shadows—ever!


Read in preparation for Assignments: LeadKernTrack.pdf (learn the vernacular!) The skills required will be demonstrated in class at our next meeting.

Assignment: Scroll down to Aldus Manutius and follow instructions to reproduce given document exactly!

Assignment: Scroll down to Font Attributes and follow instructions to reproduce given document exactly!

When you have completed the assignments:

Helvetica: the movie NOTES. Refer to these notes as you watch the movie and take notice of people, concepts, and ideas. Write a one page response to the movie based on the notes and Art Events criteria.
You may count this as your first Art Event!


Start acquiring Type Samples.

1. Consider the movie shown in class, or seen on YouTube, "Helvetica," to be your first Art Event. It's worth Double Points! Write it up as indicated in Art Events Criteria.

2. Go to Announcements at Cougar Courses, click on and respond to the forum, "Why Are You Here?"

3. Get the textbook. Read the first chapter, "Letter." While you wait for the book to arrive, read this:
http://www.thinkingwithtype.com/misc/Type_Basics.pdf It will also help you understand the concept objectives of the first two assignments.