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Louise Fili

Does this ad offend you?

America The Beautiful

Detailed typography analysis from the movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey:


Type In A Movie

Contest Report From Previous Semester:

CSUSM graphic design student, Lana Cook, wins Murrita Creek Trail Logo contest.


What Are Info-Graphics?

http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/blog-html/leftvright_world.html(info graphics)
30-typography-posters-that-youve-probably-never-seen-before/(info graphics)
informationisbeautiful.net 2012-the-end-of-the-world—and other information graphic

What Is An Axial Layout?

Axial Layout (last week's reading homework)

rankingProgression 6.pdf

What Is A 'Theme' Design?

animal parts
postage stamp

What theme is being capitalized upon here, and for what upcomming holiday?

What Is Letterpress Printing?


What Is A Bitmapped Font?

Bitmapped letterforms are also a kind of 'theme,' and have remained an aesthetic long after the limitations that spawned their design have passed. Deliberate pixelization!

Another example is Letterpress Printing, a 'look' that people still cherish, long after offset printing became dominant.

Can you think of other aesthetics, or 'looks,' that have become part of our visual culture based upon an output limitation that no longer exists?

From, Thinking With Type Bitmapped Letterforms, pg. 74

GeometricFonts.pdf (designed in 1910s and 1920s)

PToT.pdf (periodic table of typography showing a bitmapped font in the top 100)

Just in case you're interested! Design your own font: http://fontstruct.com/


Go to Bitmapped Letterforms scroll down and follow instructions to complete the assignment. We will begin this in class today.


Progressive Variables —Ongoing. Have printouts ready for critique by 10:00 am

[We'll be using the same content for this project as we will be for the annual
International Fair Poster that takes place this coming April right here on campus during U-Hour.
Previous winner, Lauren Reynoso.
. . .

Content: International Fair Poster Contest for 2017


1. Read:

handy tyography rules (Lupton)

Type Anatomy (Lupton)

Visual Hierarchy (Lupton)

The Law on Fonts & Typefaces (Crowdspring)

2. Make a list of persoanl attributes: In support of the next project, Facts At Hand

[What kind of facts should I collect?]

3. Design: 

Step #3 of Progressive Variables.  Have it printed by 10:00 am for our next class meeting. 
You may wish to obtain a print card. You are welcome to use the classroom printer. First hour of next class, 
9:00 - 10:00, will be devoted to finishing and printing this exercise.