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Flickr (student work)

Font Humor: Two fonts walk into a bar and order beers.

The barman looks down at them and says "Sorry, we don't serve your type here!"

Sixth critique for Progressive Variables—Show me your 2 printouts by 10:00 am!
(two sizes/two weights + bars & rules) Use your resources—Visual Hierarchy, Progressive Variable Notes

• no printing from JPGS (we want a clean, crisp print)
• use a clipping mask for even, clean bleeds
• name, weights, and sizes on document
• no use of italics
• no tonal changes

Final Critique INTERNATIONAL FAIR POSTER International Fair Poster Contest (content, size, resolution, accuracy & especially CONCEPT)


Lecture Material

NEW Assignment: Space & Meaning—scroll to find it in VOAP>Assignmenmts>Typography

You may repeat, omit, slice, block, or overlap words or letters. Do not use drop shadows or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion). Consider the entire space of the square.

HOMEWORK: Read this article: A Love Letter—The Enormous Power of Fonts

—Submit International Fair Poster entry (both sizes) by March 09 @ 5:00 pm. Be sure and CC me (jmiller@csusm.edu) on the email.