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R.Black SD Opera 2014 Season/

dancing in color

'space & meaning' examples from Pinterest


—The power (and integrity) of image. Do designer's hold responsibility for image and message authenticity?
j-lo Fiat commercial
j-lo Fiat parody
j-lo renounces ties with Fiat
lady liberty stamp

From last week: Assignment: CALENDAR GRID——Scroll to find it in Assignments>Typography

Assignment: MAKING CONNECTIONS 1 (distributed networks)

  1. Read about this exercise from the book, Graphic Design The New Basics by Lupton/Phillip: http://www.gdbasics.com/html/diagram/diagram.html.
  2. Download digram_dots.pdf from site
  3. Work in Illustrator
  4. Do 3 diagrams, one each centralized, distributed, and decenralized

Reminder! You're working on:

Indesign skills demo: master pages, page numbering, baseline grid (using placeholder text), tables, grids, master pages, dot leaders, links

Book Design: colophons, tables of contents

Page Layout Design Checklist

homework: read these articles about making beautiful books: http://www.thinkingwithtype.com/misc/Beautiful_Books.pdf