Lecture/discussion topics

finish week 02 topics

tip of the week:

fonts are our friends (typographic expressive nuance)

Crowdspring.com/Cal State logo (old logo still on website)
City of San Marcos LOGO CONTEST; (from 2009)

Stanley Chow vector portraiture/caricature (illustrator & photoshop)
http://www.stanleychowillustration.com/ (site)

http://stanleychow.bigcartel.com/ (shop)


How to make the new Google "G"

How is design/art generated? How are designs made manifest?

Pro Bono Work

⁃ Doing work on a volunteer basis or as a gift to a friend—those are all viable experiences without the pressure of performing for money.

⁃ Pro Bono work usually leads to referral of some kind even if your work is substandard because you're so cool.

⁃ Getting work is a combination of factors and if you work freelance you'll see that your artistic and software skill is only about half of the equation.

⁃ Stop thinking about graphic design as a form of artistic self-expression and start thinking of it as a business, a form of communication that people will hire you to do using your artistic knowledge. You are an art plumber selling your talent to everyone willing to compensate you. Your job is to keep information flowing through the pipes!

Tech Illustration Goals

In-Class Exercises:

Illustrator is a drawing program but you can think of it as a construction program as it excels at adding and subtracting of elements like geometric shapes which you can use to build almost anything.

(pathfinder, divide objects below, shape builder, outline stroke) 

olympic 3D rings

pen tool

Independence Skills plus demo (zen houses)

file>export to make a JPG

AssignedPattern Brushes (This takes you to "Assignments Illustrator," scroll to "Pattern Brushes. Follow given instructions)


1. Logo Attributes. Find and post to CC image examples of logos that you like with an eye to locating attributes you would wish to emulate in your own personal logo design—text, imagery, color, style, genre, etc.

(1) text only

(2) image and text

(3) image only

2. Read the blog entry about Content Management Sites (CMS) & blogging for money, "No Longer About Copyright"

3. Read the blog entry about designing books for money, either for yourself or someone else. "Bookmaking for Fun and Profit"