WEEK 04 


Lecture/discussion topics

http://www.dailydropcap.com/tag/1st-alphabet  Jessica Hisch

Jessica Hisch book covers

email scams: fake, fake, fake; real, real (you'd think they'd hire better designers)

U-Haul Truck Art

Tech Illustration

review global colors

review gradients

tell me what you are illustrating if not the Mitsubishi computer chip

drag components into symbol panel >save symbol libraries

copy/paste to back (for shadowing)

divide objects below (to segment an object)

Independence Skills

speech/thought bubble

illustrator templates> .ait

save pattern libraries

scale strokes and effects

Palomar logo style manual

James Bond Posters (heavy use of vector images)

The Logo In your Name

PDF of Logo In Your Name

further examples

[reminiscent of the work of Patrick Nagel]

Project—Vector Bouquet (This takes you to "Projects Illustrator," scroll to "Vector Bouquet."
Follow given instructions and look at provided examples.)

manage file size with symbols panel

https://www.flickr.com/photos/voiceonapage/More student examples can be found on Flickr

bouquet extras: MechFlowersRaysVase.pdf : transgradient.pdf : Gear.pdf

bouquet dark

bouquet mustafa

bouquet emily



1. Read articles assigned in week 3 homework.

2. Do the research posting about logos from week 3 homework.

3. Begin 'Pattern Brushes' assignment from week 3.