Prep for final quiz.

Throw out "bottles."

Demo hills construction from assignment. Rolling Mesh/Hills from week 10

Gestalt Principles 

Color Website - color basics;

creative commons - one way to get around people stealing and to distribute educational materials

free grunge textures - you will need to enter email address and subscribe to weekly newsleter, but you can unsubscribe when you get first one, if you wish

http://www.csszengarden.com/ (cascading style sheets)—This is an example how Wordpress templates are made. A useful skill that can make you money.

Extra Credit Assignment: Blob, Eraser, and Live Paint—scroll to find it in Assignments>Illustrator

Homework: Search the Internet or print media for one good example and one bad example of page layout according to at least some of the principles in the design checklist ; quick design checklist. Post to your site with the label or caption, "Good & Bad Page Layout."

1. Identify a prominent technique or principle of the positive example that makes it work well, according to the checklist.

2. Identify a promiment technique or principle of the negative example that makes it fail, according to the checklist.