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Final Exam on December 08

Vector Portraits—Vexel Style (preferred method)

Patterns Custom in Illustrator sample.pdf

Outputting Press Ready PDFs—You need to print your portraits!

QR CODE Generator site: http://www.qrstuff.com You may generate a QR Code here for free to add to your Self-Portrait. It will be the URL to your Wordpress site (required). This site does not require you to register!

Barcode Yourself!—Use this site to create a custom barcode based on your unique information, accurate and readable by a barcode reader. Something you may add to your portrait, if you wish to play up the digital thing (optional).

Masking a Mask; scroll down to find it. Class demo only. Not for credit.
First Look at new technique! Clipping Mask Colorization Also not for credit.

Final Exam sample questions.

Consider taking the Advanced Class next semester! Fridays @ 9:00am in Spring 2014