Studying artists and how they look at the world helps us to understand how we as individuals look at the world.

Art is interactive, interrelated. As you round out your study of the different forms of expression—visual, audio, video, performance—you begin to see the commonalities flowing through the arts, helping you to comprehend a larger picture. So that means exposure.

VPA classes have an Arts Events Attendance Requirement—ten (5) art or cultural events during the semester. These events may include on or off campus concerts, visual art exhibitions, films, poetry readings, or live theater events, plays,etc. If you're not sure if it qualifies, please ask.

Post 1-page responses. I want your reaction to the event! Please include the points listed below where applicable.


Reports need to include include the following:

  1. Title, date, and nature of the event.
  2. What did you come away with from the event? (What will you will remember about it?)
  3. Was there something specific in the work that could affect/influence your own work?
  4. Did you discover anything that might change the way you look/think/feel about something?
  5. Was there any flaw in the event that you found noteworthy and can intelligently criticize? (not just, “It sucked!”)
  6. Did you learn something about the discipline that you didn’t know before? (like base cellos are really big instruments)
  7. Did you feel respect for the artist as separate from his or her work?



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