A) Thumb/flash drive to back up your work. Have all your files created in/for this class with you at all times, on demand. They are cheap and sold everywhere. (Fry’s) You may also back up your work on your ‘H’ drive offered through the server. There is no guarantee that items you save on the computer where you sit will remain saved. You can also burn to CDs and DVDs.

Your files are your digital cash. Lose your files and you are digital broke!

B) Save often while you work. Don’t work on the server. If too many people do, the system can crash. Systems crash when least expected. Some people make two backups, as storage media occasionally become corrupted or data is lost altogether.

C) Empty the trash (Mac); empty recycle bin (PC)! Deleting files from your USB or portable hard drive (or other storage device) is not enough. You must also 'empty the trash' on a Mac or 'empty recycle bin' on a PC to actually create space. This must be done on the same computer where the deletion occured to work!