Technical Illustration
Kelly Andrea-MITChip.pdf
OldTV.jpg (flat perspective)

—Follow the instructions to reproduce the Mitsubishi computer chip by artist Kelly Andrea, or propose something else equally as challenging.

An object with a flat side works best, like a calculator or a Blackberry; not so good with a contoured phone. An iPhone or touch-screen device just won't do at all!

Be sure and personalize the chip if that's what you choose to illustrate, so they all don't look the same.

Vector Bouquet

—Create a beautiful bouquet of flowers using various techniques that doesn't suck at all. No pressure, it just really needs to be cool.

Follow the instructions, including the step-by-step provided by the contributing artist, Grace Laurie.

Personal Logo
LogoGrid12-up.pdf (how to display all your choices)
Template_Logo-Proof_Sheet.pdf (how to display your preferred choice)
Logo Design Links.pdf (to help you make choices)
classic samples 01 (things you've always seen, but still kinda work)
classic samples 02
(things you've always seen, but still kinda work)
Logo_In_Your_Name.pdf (warm up exercises + syntactic article to read)

Creating something beautifully simple can be very difficult. A logo is a mark of identity that delivers its message quickly and effectively. Compartmentalizing yourself into a graphic is challenging at best and daunting at worst, but definately something NOT to be taken lightly.

Fruit Crate Label

—Emulate the look and style of chromolithography from the early 20th century.

Genre Gig Poster

—Emulate a particular artistic style of your choosing. Bring that style into a concert poster design.

Vector Self Portrait with Personal Logo and QR Code & Custom Pattern Fill
PortraitSamples.pdf (simplified instructions)
photo/vector layout example
LinksandRez.pdf (use hi rez photos and don't leave your picture behind)

samples> crazyface.jpg(too complex) girl01.jpg (too simple) jayz.jpg (cool) jimmyportrait.pdf (savant) JamesVexel.pdf Jamesface02(partial) JamnesLayout03.pdf Gretel.pdf (partial) Vector follows light PurplePortrait.pdf Randy.pdf VectorAmy.pdf VectorHeather.pdf SheppardFaireySet.pdf VectorStriking.pdf Vector Subtle

source photos examples> GretelPosterized.pdf TonyPortrait.jpg tonyposterized.jpg tonytrace_incomplete.pdf tonyrock.jpg(good source photo example) contrastphotovector.jpg JamesFace.jpg JamesFace.jpg(posterized)

tutorials> Dragon_Girl.pdf Tracing Only_LR.pdf

—Final Project that brings together your pen tool skills. Be not a camera but an interpreter of your own image. You want to make yourself look good, right?

—For printing size 11" X 17" with or without bleed, printed appropriately.